February 14, 2020

share the love

share . the . love 

I'm not really a big Valentine's Day fan BUT I am a huge fan of showing love and appreciation -- any day, every day. 

so any excuse to share the love is fine by me. we can all use more love and less hate, don't you think?

i have a little something new to share with you... this free embroidery pattern! it's a little over 4" tall, so it'll fit nicely in a 5" hoop. you can enlarge or reduce the size when you print it, if you want to resize it. and i've left the banner blank, so you can add your own words/name/message.


just click on the image to get your free 'share the love' embroidery pattern. then print, transfer, and start stitching!

need a little help? first, check out my getting started guide and then my stitch library will teach you some of my favorite embroidery stitches.

for more tips & tricks click here.

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