December 29, 2019

new in the shop :: 2019 winter collection

new in the shop! the winter collection -- kits, iron-ons, and pre-printed fabric patterns -- just landed.

market day, shadow flower, and just do your best are ready and waiting for you!

each embroidery kit comes sweetly packaged in a gift-ready box, and includes everything you need to get started stitching right away:

  • pre-printed (in color) fabric pattern

  • coordinating floss

  • wooden hoop

  • needle

  • stitching notes

  • full color photo card

  • getting started guide

  • basic stitching how-to

the iron-on patterns are super for easily and quickly transferring the design to a tea towel, shirt, apron, or the fabric of your choice. depending on how hard you iron them on, there should be enough ink in each transfer for multiple uses.

the pre-prints are perfect for you if:

  • you just don't need more needles and hoops

  • you want to use a different color floss than what comes in the kit.

  • you don't want to mess with transferring

  • you like the colored background of the fabric

the pre-print patterns are the same fabric that comes with the kits. they include only the fabric and the stitching guide.

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