June 15, 2018

new in the shop :: summer 2018 collection

big news -- they're here!!

my new collection of kits is available now!!
i have 3 new kits available in my web shop and ready for you to stitch. if you like the iron-on versions or pre-printed patterns, i've got those too!

each embroidery kit comes sweetly packaged in a gift-ready box, and includes everything you need to get started stitching right away:

  • pre-printed (in color) fabric pattern
  • coordinating floss
  • wooden hoop
  • needle
  • getting started guide
  • how-to guide for my favorite basic stitches
  • full color photo card

the iron-on patterns are super for easily and quickly transferring the design to a tea towel, shirt, apron, or the fabric of your choice. depending on how hard you iron them on, there should be enough ink in each transfer for multiple uses.

the pre-printed fabric patterns are perfect if you love the pre-printed fabric patterns that come in my kits and stitch club packs (no transferring required!), but you don't need more needles, floss, and hoops (or if you want to use a different color floss than what comes in the kit).
the pre-printed fabric patterns include only the fabric and the stitch guide.

NIGHT GARDEN :: inspired by two of my favorites: the moon and plants.
night garden is a fantastical botanical design is such fun to stitch, and is great for advanced beginner stitchers. you will love the "moody magical midnight fairytale" vibe of this one.

APRIL FLOWERS :: from my original line drawing inspired by tattoo-style flowers. this one can be super simple with outline only, or more advanced if you decide to fill it all in.

BE STILL :: i think we all know how vital it is to intentionally set aside time to just BE, to get quiet, to step away from the hectic and non-stop busy pace of our lives.
but often, that is easier said than done.
the good news is, stillness and meditation can take many forms, and there is more than one way to quiet the mind. embroidery can be very meditative! taking time to sit still, to focus your attention on one stitch, then another, then another...


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