August 17, 2017

tips & tricks :: satin stitch

for these blocks of color, i'm using (padded) satin stitch, and all 6 strands.

but instead of threading 6 strands through the needle, i threaded 3, and then doubled the floss down and knotted the end.

that way, i'm pulling 6 strands of floss through my fabric instead of 12. it's easier to pull, easier to thread, and much better for the fabric!

do you know padded satin stitch?

i find it to be easier than regular satin stitch, because it gives the edges more definition.

here's the basics:

  • outline the area to be filled (i like to stitch just inside the line)
  • fill in the area with seed stitches or straight stitches
  • satin stitch over all of those. the outline and seed stitches provide some padding and help you keep an even edge for your satin stitches.

here's another helpful tip: step your stitches.
this might be the single best tip to achieving satin stitch bliss. (thank you, embroidery queen mary corbet!)


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